Drums and Pails

Vacuum Tube Lifters for Top Drum Lifting
Vacuum Lifting systems for Drum Lifting and Tipping
Vacuum Lifters with hook for Keg lifting
Vacuum Lifter for Side Keg Lifting
From 20 to 300 kg Products:

  1. Barrels

  2. Container

  3. Drums

  4. Kegs

  5. Bucket

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Lifting from above

Barrels are lifted with a single suction cup

Side Drum Lifting

Drum tipping assembly which rotates about the drums center of gravity - for a controlled drum pouring action.

Lifting Hook

Hook assembly for lifting drums, containers and baggage handling


Double suction pads

This flexible system uses multiple suction feet to lift variety of canisters

Double Vacuum Tubes

And extended handles for extra heavy drums

With Hooks

For small barrels


For filling or emptying barrels

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