Boxes and Cartons

For palletizing, packing or stacking of boxes of any size.
Stacking up to a height of 2.5m.
Bags of 5 - 110 kg Products:

  1. Cartons (Taped, strapped or open cartons)

  2. Boxes

  3. Transport boxes

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Double suction feet

Attached on either side of the box to avoid damage of the package

High Stacking

With 2400 mm stroke and extended handle

Angled suction foot

When lifted from the top is not possible


Extended Handles

Specially for big loads

Angled Suction foot

For lifting and transport of boxes up to 20 kg

Manual Operation

For lifting and transport of small boxes up to 20 kg

Rotating Device

For lifting and turning of small boxes up to 25 kg

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