Panels and Boards

Loading and unloading Vertical panel saws, Beam saws, Dimension saws, Flat bed CNC stations, Edgebanders, Laminators

  1. MDF /MFC Plates

  2. Chipboard

  3. Wood

  4. Plywood

  5. Sterling board

  6. Plaster board

  7. Polycarbonate

  8. Handling boards

  9. Doors

  10. Furniture

  11. Staircases

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Lifting sheets from stack and rotating through 90 degrees to load a Vertical Panel Saw. 180 degree rotation is also available for inspection with manual and pneumatic options

Single suction Pad

Used for vacuum lifting on to the centre of any shaped products


Double Suction Pad

Using 2 pads gives extra stability. The pads are adjustable and the end effector can also be supplied with four pads if required. The extension handle brings the operator clear of the board for ease of handling

S-Line High Flex Handle

The extended handle allows the operator to better positioning the suction cups for large plates.

Bellows Caps

Ideal for lifting flat packs and boards due to their capacity to grip to any surface and to hold flat- pack cardboard as it flexes

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