Reels and Rolls

Roll lifting is necessary where they are removed from printing or converting machines to be stacked on pallets with special suction pads to cope with varying diameters. Grip is achieved across all the windings which, when lifted, prevents any spiraling occurring.

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Transport of Long Rolls

Manipulators are also suitable for handling off-set or cantilevered loads.

Transporting Cable Drums A specially designed pneumatic

Gripper secures the reel in its inner core

Cable Reels

Cable reels can be handled with a Pneumatic lifter


90° Rotating Device

The reel is lifted and rotated 90° along with push and retract reel feature to prevent any operator interface.

Double Vacuum Tube

For the lifting of heavy rollers from the side

Grabbing from inside

For gripping through the core of the rollers

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