Best Handling Technology recommends the use of ezzFAST wherever handling depends on the speed of the operation alongside self-evident safety and ergonomics. The applications for super-fast uptake and storage of goods will ensure optimum operation of your business.


Best Handling Technology recommends the use of ezzFLOW when delicate products are handled, assembled or fitted. The intuitive handling perfectly adapts to the user, allowing complete focus and concentration on the precision of the activity - the effort is simply kept away.


Best Handling Technology recommends the use of ezzLIFT where goods are transported over a limited distance between different locations. The lightweight and easy handling of the ezzLIFT provides secure charging and discharging of goods and offers free movement of loads with ease.


Best Handling Technology's support systems for all constructions, functions and applications. ezzLINK flex for operating at various locations, ezzLINK rail, designed for optimal coverage of your workspace, ezzLINK eco, the cost saving solution and ezzLINK rack for easy installation. ezzLINK perfectly fits your operation.

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